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Bubble waffles

Inspired by our collaboration with the modern Cantonese Mr Ping’s, we now offer freshly prepared bubble waffles that you can enjoy with our gelatos. Choose your own adventure or choose one of our recommended combinations.

Egg waffle with two scoops of ice cream
Plain waffle

Plain waffle 


Build your own

(includes 1 scoops of gelato and 1 topping) 


Special bubble waffles (best shared between 2)


Honeycomb crunch

Bubble waffle with 1 scoops milk chocolate honeycomb gelato, 1 scoop Jersey milk gelato, honeycomb and chocolate fudge


Miso caramel

Bubble waffle with 2 scoops miso caramel gelato, 1 scoop Jersey milk gelato, Caramelised popcorn and extra miso caramel sauce.


(Waffles with gelato available pickup or instore only)


We try our best to prevent cross contamination however we work in an open kitchen environment and
cannot guarantee our products contain no traces of allergens such as nuts and sesame.