We try to keep things fresh and exciting at our stores. Classics such as our Jersey milk, milk chocolate honeycomb and popcorn miso caramel stay in rotation while the rest of the menu might change from week to week according to what inspires us.

Below is our current list of flavours, however because we keep things fresh, our specials may be different when you come into our store.

Small Joys Flavours

Jersey milk

Jersey milk 

Gelato made with creamy Sungold Jersey Milk.

Yuzu Peach Pavlova - Yuzu creme fraiche gelato with peach coulis, yuzu curd and baked meringue.

Yuzu Peach Pavlova

Yuzu yoghurt gelato with peach puree and baked meringue.

Popcorn miso caramel

Popcorn infused gelato with miso caramel sauce and caramel popcorn.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate 

Rich chocolate gelato with 72% Veliche Belgian Dark chocolate.

Black Sesame Honey - Gelato made with pure roasted black sesame paste and burnt honey.

Black Sesame

Gelato made with Kuki roasted black sesame paste.

Milk chocolate honeycomb (G) - Malted milk chocolate gelato with chocolate coated honeycomb.

Milk chocolate honeycomb (G)

Malted milk chocolate gelato with chocolate coated honeycomb.


Jersey milk gelato base infused with Zen wonders premium hojicha powder.

Strawberry Cheesecake (G)

Cheesecake gelato with strawberry puree and cheesecake crust crumble.

Pistachio Sea Salt - Gelato made with pure Sicilian pistachio paste and a touch of sea salt.


Gelato made with pure  Sicilian pistachio paste.


Coconut pandan gelato swirled with kaya.

Mango Lemon Myrtle Sorbet (V) - Fresh Kensington Pride mango sorbet infused with lemon myrtle

Mango sorbet (V)

Fresh mango sorbet blended with lime juice.

Price List

Ice cream scope in cup

Price per scoop (cup or cone)

1 Scoop – $6.5

1 Scoop 2 Flavours – $7

2 Scoop – $8.50

3 Scoop – $10.50

Ice cream tub

Take home tubs (Online ordering available from Uber Eats)

500ml – $18 (up to 2 flavours)

1000ml – $29 (up to 3 flavours)

Ice cream topping icon

Toppings (Online ordering available from Uber Eats)

We make all of our toppings in house from scratch.

All toppings – + $1 each

Types (subject to weekly change)

  • Wildflower honeycomb
  • Miso caramel sauce
  • Chocolate fudge sauce
  • Malt crumble
  • Caramel coated popcorn


We try our best to prevent cross contamination however we work in an open kitchen environment and
cannot guarantee our products contain no traces of allergens such as nuts and sesame.